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Prayer Request

Healing, Financial

Tavershima requests prayer for: 

  • Restoration of faith 
  • Healing from diabetes, ulcer and all other diseases, infirmities and sicknesses
  •  Pray that God will give him a life partner according to his perfect will and that he would remove all spiritual barriers hindering him from getting married
  • Pray that God will reveal his divine purpose for his life. Also pray that God would provide Tavershima with a better high-paying job and guide him in his career
  • Pray that God will provide him with a permanent home 
  • Pray that God would grant him total deliverance from every spiritual bondage, satanic/demonic oppression and witchcraft attacks
  • Pray for Tavershima's brothers and sisters Terhemba, Dooshima, Mwuese, Mrumun and Bem that God would grant them salvation, total divine healing and deliverance as well as divine prosperity
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